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Maximizing Production Outcome for Composite Manufacturers

sensXPERT empowers manufacturers in plastics industries to reach full production potential by tapping into a pool of high-quality data in real-time. sensXPERT Digital Mold unlocks existing data and leverages material data to identify high-impact optimization opportunities. Accelerate your quality control with extensive material know-how, combined with top-notch material characterization sensors. Reduce scrap, decrease cycle times and save energy plus having complete process control is now possible. Materials we support: thermosets, thermoplastics, elastomers, and composites.

A whole new raft of manufacturing capabilities

Up to 50% reduction

of the existing rate of scrap produced

Up to 23% increase

in energy savings

Up to 30% reduction

in length of manufacturing cycle times


The complete sensXPERT product solution

Process control with sensXPERT Product integration of sensXPERT Digital Mold

The sensXPERT Dielectric Sensor

The sensXPERT Dielectric Sensor maintains direct contact with the raw material inside the mold, continuously collecting real-time data about the material’s behavior, calculates parameters like as the degree of cure, the degree of crystallization, a glass transition temperature, flow behavior or other relevant thermal/mechanical properties of the polymer being processed, and connects to the Edge Device. Durable in extreme conditions, it operates up to 280˚C and 400 bar pressure.

The sensXPERT Edge Device

Designed for close proximity to machinery, is compact and robust to meet industrial demands. It processes digital and analog signals, offers various industrial interfaces, and hosts machine learning models for dynamic process control. Plus, it provides direct remote customer support.

The sensXPERT Web App

Enables real-time monitoring by collecting and centralizing material data. Machine learning models predict material properties, and the Web App offers precise insights for informed real-time decisions during production.

The sensXPERT Cloud Service

In partnership with AWS, the sensXPERT Cloud Service empowers Manufacturing 4.0. It validates and stores data, provides process insights, and refines machine learning models. Users can remotely access and correlate data from multiple global sites and manage permissions.

Maximize your manufacturing profit with sensXPERT

Calculate the real value of sensXPERT to your manufacturing business

Considering sensXPERT for your business? Use our powerful ROI calculator, and see how much of a return this could make for your business.

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