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Imagine a process world where you can easily reduce scrap, increase throughput, have the highest equipment efficiency and achieve full traceability. The digital mold solution makes that happen.

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Reaction injection Molding

Low-pressure closed-mold process capable of producing highly complex 3D thermoset rigid or elastomeric parts (with or without reinforcements or metallic inserts). Also used to encapsulate electronics.

Resin Transfer Molding

Closed-mold system used to produce highly complex 3D parts with good surfaces using liquid thermoset or thermoplastic resins injected into a fiber preform (with optional inserts, cores and gel coat).

Compression Molding

A fast-cycling closed-mold, 2D to 2.5D forming process for thermoset or thermoplastic materials supplied in sheet or bulk form using high pressure. Metallic inserts and surface modifications are used.

Autoclave Curing

A high-pressure, high-temperature process in single-sided tools used to produce 2D to 2.5D fiber-reinforced thermoset parts with the highest mechanical performance.

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Our customers use sensXPERT solutions in their mission-critical processes, running a stream-lined production. The security and privacy of the data involved in these processes matters to your business, so it matters to us. We are committed to delivering products that are stable and secure at scale.

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