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Innovative sensors creating intelligent molds

Transform your manufacturing process with next-level intelligence for increased efficiency and process reliability

Transform your manufacturing process with next-level intelligence

Reduce scrap and maximise production efficiency with innovative sensors and advanced machine learning. Improve reliability with our 24/7 accessible software.

sensXPERT Visual Look inside

The window into your process

During the manufacturing process, sensors installed in the mold measure real-time material properties in order to increase your production efficiency.

Material science turns digital

Material science paired with data from the real process environment bring artificial intelligence to your site.

sensXPERT Visual Material science
sensXPERT Security

Your data security is our highest priority

To ensure the data security of our customers, we work together with Amazon Web Services, one of the largest and most secure hosters.

Your benefits

Transform your manufacturing process to be more robust and intelligent

sensXPERT Reduce Scrap

Reduced scrap

Achieve operational excellence by cutting scrap down to a minimum with the analysis of the real-time behavior of your material.

sensXPERT Increase throughput

Increased throughput

Be one step ahead of your competition by increasing the throughput with real-time process optimization.

sensXPERT Visual Efficiency

Highest equipment efficiency

Utilize the full production potential of your manufacturing equipment and produce highest-quality products with maximum output. Receive notification of the current status of your production in any location.

sensXPERT Visual Traceaility

Reliability & Traceability

User-friendly customizable dashboards for process overview and in-situ part qualification during production.

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