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Innovating the sewer market

sensXPERT Pipe

sensXPERT utilizes its expertise and long history of plastics material characterization to tackle severe challenges in controlling the entire UV curing process. It delivers quality control and creates full transparency.

The UV-Cured-In-Place-Pipe Market – An industry in transition

Today’s sewer rehabilitation market, using plastic liners, faces severe challenges in controlling the entire curing process. However, the increasing UV-CIPP acceptance builds the foundation for the soon-to-be-rolled-out innovative and transformative technology. With its pending patent, the sensXPERT product delivers a sustainable solution, controls the liner’s curing, enhances the efficiency on the construction site, and controls the quality at every point during the curing process. This novel and process-disruptive solution can monitor the curing of the material along the entire length of the sewer. It measures non-invasively and therefore has no negative impact on the liner.

sensXPERT enabling the UV-CIPP Market

Leveraging 50+ years of plastics material expertise to ensure resilience and sustainability

Changing the status quo

Digitization of construction: error prevention and quality increase through real-time disruptive sensor measurements and advanced software technology

Creating a new standard

Manufacturing flexibility through material characterization knowhow, raw material supplier independency, and sufficient data usage

Being at the forefront

Germany is the global leader and reference point in the increasing interest of the UV-CIPP technology. The UV CIPP market is expanding due to its cost efficiency and ability to bridge greater distances.

Established Industry Player

sensXPERT belongs to the well-known machine manufacturer NETZSCH. Therefore, an 'industry for industry' approach facilitates the rapid development of markets and creates a bonus of trust.

Solution in a nutshell

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