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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common questions received from our sensXPERT community. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us. We are ready to support you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to sensXPERT - your partner for innovative solutions in the manufacturing industry. Our mission is to help you optimize your manufacturing processes, reduce costs and improve the quality of your products. With our groundbreaking technology and extensive expertise, we help companies to increase their efficiency and remain competitive. Find out more about our products, services and how we can help you achieve your manufacturing goals in our frequently asked questions.

About sensXPERT
Data Security
Digital Mold
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About sensXPERT

With a mission to leverage our 50+ years of material science expertise and propel industry 4.0 in the plastics industry, sensXPERT currently offers two innovative technological solutions; sensXPERT Digital Mold and sensXPERT Pipe.
  • sensXPERT Digital Mold is a real-time process control solution that enables plastics manufacturers to optimize their production and realize greater efficiency and productivity.
  • sensXPERT Pipe is a sewer rehabilitation solution that controls the UV curing process of plastic sewer liners to ensure quality along the entire length of the liners.

Our solutions enables plastics production throughout numerous industries to optimize and track their processes, enhance transparency, and implement adaptive control. Plastics and rubber manufacturing, construction, aerospace, automotive, electronics, cured-in-place-pipe, and energy. More infos about our integrations you find here.

sensXPERT is capable of measuring and monitoring thermosets, thermoplastics, elastomers, and composites.

sensXPERT Digital Mold supports a number of plastics manufacturing processes including injection molding, reaction injection molding (RIM), resin transfer molding, compression molding, and autoclave curing. If you use a different process and would like to know whether or not sensXPERT supports it, get in touch with us.

Data Security

Please head to our privacy policy to learn about how we collect and process personal data.

If you would like to learn about how we store your process data, you can visit our data security page.

The data you have on the sensXPERT Digital Cloud Service is stored on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) database in the E.U., specifically in Ireland. You can find more information on our data security page.

The sensXPERT Digital Cloud Service stores data on your users, your company’s name, IPC identifiers, process names, machine and sensor parameters, process predictions, and original measurement files.

Your data is processed and used for calculations to visualize your cycles and retrain our machine learning model. By retraining the model, we continuously optimize your cycle predictions to help you achieve the most efficient processes.

Of course, you own all of your process data. All of the data collected from your processes can be accessed, viewed, and downloaded by you and our team in your Digital Cloud Service profile.

We collect, process and use personal data solely in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the applicable country-specific data protection regulations. Read more in our privacy policy.

Digital Mold

sensXPERT Digital Mold is a process control solution that came into being out of over 50 years of plastics manufacturing experience. The solution combines in-mold, real-time material characterization data, machine learning predictive algorithms, and material science expertise. In doing so, the solution forecasts process outcomes and applies dynamic process adaptation to ensure excellent final part quality.

Four core components make up the sensXPERT Digital Mold package:
  1. Material Characterization Sensors
  2. Edge Device
  3. Edge Device Interface
  4. Digital Cloud Service
You can learn more about them on our ‘How it works‘ page.

By translating all raw collected data into predictive quality criteria, sensXPERT can forecast and visualize potential deviations, as well as dynamically adjust processes before such deviations occur. Therefore, manufacturers gain adaptive process control through automation, along with process tracking capabilities, a digital thread per part produced, and increased cost efficiency.

This timeline depends on your manufacturing process. Artificial intelligence solutions improve overtime with more data. Contact us if you want to learn more about your individual timeline or about our solution in general.

sensXPERT Digital Mold offers numerous benefits for even the most successful manufacturing processes.
  1. In-mold Transparency: there are numerous factors that can influence in-mold material behavior. Previously undetected and unforeseen, changes in material behavior are now visible thanks to sensXPERT’s Digital Mold solution.
  2. Dynamic Process Control: sensXPERT considers the predetermined degree of cure or crystallization that you would like your material to reach and can either automatically halt your process once that value is reached or inform you when to manually stop your process, depending on your preference.
  3. Cycle Time Reduction: even if your process is successful, there can be incredible time saving potential on account of the above-mentioned dynamic process control. Due to sensXPERT’s reliable predictions and visualization of process outcomes, manufacturers do not need to implement ‘safety buffers’ to ensure reaching the desired degree of cure or crystallization anymore.
  4. Consistent Quality Control: with transparency, dynamic process control, and documentation, sensXPERT enables manufacturers to conduct quality control on each part produced directly within the mold.
Overall, sensXPERT helps manufacturers achieve a decrease of up to 50% in existing scrap, an increase of up to 23% in energy savings, and up to 30% cycle time reduction.

You can use our ROI calculator to gain an insightful overview on how much value sensXPERT can create for your business.

From the moment everything is on-site and ready, the installation takes between half a working day to one full working day.

We want to make the sensXPERT Digital Mold installation as easy as possible, so you can perform it with our remote support via TeamViewer. If your company feels more comfortable with an on-site installation, we can offer this service as a part of our product. Contact us to learn more.

Yes, sensXPERT Digital Mold is a solution that can be integrated globally, across all your manufacturing locations. On top of that, you can use the sensXPERT Digital Cloud Service to remotely access and compare data from your numerous manufacturing sites. The Cloud Service features quality dashboards that offer overviews of all your sensXPERT-connected processes and machines.

The sensXPERT Digital Cloud Service – one component of the sensXPERT Digital Mold solution – provides a long term overview of quality criteria, records of various sensor and machine parameters within the process, identifies bad measurements and trends within predetermined parameters, and enables measurement downloads.

Yes we can! sensXPERT has developed state of the art sensors with a coating that prevents voltage shortcuts or polarization introduced by highly conductive fillers. We offer in-house material measurements to select the most appropriate sensors.

The sensXPERT edge device offers 8 analog inputs with 2 inputs being for our material characterization sensors. Therefore, if you want input from your own sensors, you can add up to six additional analog inputs.

sensXPERT sensors are integrated directly into the mold. Therefore, sensXPERT works with customers to select the right sensor based on material science and your process. Most sensors have a thread fit to attach them to the mold. We support customers with finding the right sensor placement and integration options for their processes.

To successfully collect data and accurately predict material behavior, the material characterization sensors must be inserted into the mold cavities and maintain constant, direct contact with the material.

Besides our material characterization sensors, customers can choose to install up to eight additional sensors, such as pressure, temperature, and flow sensors.

We offer cylindrical sensors. These sensors are mounted in molds to measure real-time material behavior during manufacturing. Our standard sensor has a diameter of 9mm. Please contact us to learn more about the technical specifications of the sensors we offer.

sensXPERT sensors can withstand temperatures of up to 270°C.

The sensXPERT sensors are connected to both the mold and the edge device via a cable. The standard cable is 3m long, but other cable lengths can be manufactured. Our customers have to modify the mold for the sensors to be inserted and maintain direct contact with the material undergoing processing.

Data is the key ingredient to generate predictions for your process. In order to train our models and generate accurate predictions, we need several sets of data, thus enabling you to successfully control and optimize your process.

When all parameters – such as sensor position, process parameters, materials, etc. – are identical, it is possible to use the same model on several machines. In all other situations, a seperate model is required.

Our system excels at adapting to new conditions and will continue to work accurately should any changes occur. The model undergoes consistent retraining to ensure reliable predictions long-term. However, when intentionally making changes to your process, please nform your sensXPERT contact person so that we can make sure that our model is up-to-date and able to promptly support the changes.

Besides the sensXPERT material characterization sensors, the edge device can connect with other third-party sensors that capture data on various parameters during the manufacturing process. Examples include pressure transducers, ambient temperature, mold temperature, and humidity sensors. Learn more about our integrations.

Service & Support

If you would like to order a sensXPERT package, or get to know our solutions further, you can schedule an appointment with our team here!

If you are not a customer yet and are looking to join the sensXPERT community, our sales team will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding our solutions and your processes. You can reach them via our Calendly link.
If you are an existing sensXPERT customer, we have a technical team prepared to answer your questions and support you in applying our solutions to your applications. You can reach them by email at

Our products are designed to be robust and durable, however, should you face any issues our technical team is ready to support you. You can reach them by email at

sensXPERT has a team of experts on the topics of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). By leveraging their expertise, we have built an easy-to-use solution, with which you do not need any AI or ML knowledge.