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Security and privacy is built into everything we do

Data is at the heart of our business and a key element in the core business of our customers. We are determined to deliver a safe and reliable solution to our customers. Learn how we make security and privacy our priority.

Security at sensXPERT

The sensXPERT manufacturing solutions are developed in alignment with a data-protection-by-design approach. Throughout the infrastructure, technical development, and business operations, we safeguard the privacy and process our customer’s data with the highest protection. This way, end-to-end data security is incorporated into all facets of our manufacturing solutions to secure a reliable production.

Following the highest standards, sensXPERT ensures the best possible protection for our customer’s data. Our collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which offers one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructures, is key. Hosted on the European continent, our applications and devices, together with our customers’ data and identities, are fully protected.

In a competitive global business environment, it is essential to maintain data privacy and deliver a stable and secure solution at scale. We comply with industry standards and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data entrusted to us by our customers and partners by adhering to these principles.

Key elements of our security strategy

Encrypted data in storage and transport

Our customer data is always encrypted when moved to long-term storage (Amazon RDS for Postgre Database and Amazon S3 for binary storage RDS) and in transit (HTTPS and TLS). VPN is an additional option for IPC communication.

High-performing infrastructure

The sensXPERT technology architecture is secure, efficient and reliable, building on the state-of-the-art infrastructure of reputable cloud providers. A redundant systems approach is put into place to avoid any single point of failure.

Data access and control

Identity, resource and permission management and access controls, combined with continuous monitoring for security information, ensure that only the right resources have the right access at all time.

Monitoring and audit

Continuous monitoring of network activities and account behavior identifies threats consistently. In addition, regular security audits guarantee the best possible safety and reliability level.