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Beyond kinetic models: Innovative pathways to boost production efficiency

Join part 2 of our free master classes. On May 16, 2024. our experts explain innovative pathways to boost production efficiency.

Free Master Class, Part 2 of the series “Kinetic Models” on Thursday, May 16, 2024 at 5 PM CEST

After having established a strong foundation in kinetic models during Part 1, Part 2, “Beyond Kinetics,” delves into the exciting realm of machine learning and its transformative potential for composite manufacturing. While kinetic models have served the industry well, the growing complexity of composite manufacturing demands more sophisticated approaches. See how machine learning empowers you to optimize your production processes, achieving unprecedented efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability, leaving traditional methods behind.

In this session we will explore innovative pathways to supercharge your production efficiency and enhance sustainability, transcending the limitations of traditional models. See how machine learning empowers composite manufacturers to achieve unprecedented accuracy in predicting key production parameters such as temperature, pressure, and cure time. This translates to reduced cycle times, minimized waste, and increased production throughput, ultimately maximizing efficiency.

We’ll provide concrete examples and case studies demonstrating how to bridge the gap between meticulously controlled laboratory experiments and the realities of the production floor, overcoming the limitations of traditional kinetic models.

Embrace the future of composite manufacturing. By harnessing machine learning, you can unlock a new era of efficiency, accuracy, and innovation in your production processes, propelling your business towards a sustainable and competitive future.

Molecular network


  • Defining Machine Learning and Its applications: Demystifying machine learning and their impact on composite manufacturing
  • Exploring integration options in composite manufacturing: Case studies showcasing diverse applications:
    • Correlation Analysis: Uncovering hidden relationships between process parameters and product outcome.
    • Time Series Analysis: Forecasting production trends
    • Anomaly Detection: Identifying irregularities
  • Discover how these integration options revolutionize composite manufacturing processes, illustrated by real-world case studies.
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Dr. Nicholas Ecke

Application Engineer


Dr. Phil Gralla

Data Scientist