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Developing real-time, in-mold process monitoring

Learn about the next step toward the full digitization of plastics processing


The manufacturing sector globally is in the midst of a profound change. It is not just increased regulatory pressures, globalization, competition, and pressures to produce products more sustainably, which manufacturers have had to contend with for several decades. It also is that manufacturing itself is in the midst of its fourth major reinvention: Industry 4.0. Learn about the real-time, in-mold process monitoring system that is both material and process agnostic, yet provides molders with the very data they most need to better control their processes and unlock higher productivity to compete in global markets.

process monitoring

What’s inside?

  • The constantly changing world of manufacturing
  • Why it is difficult to help molders become more productive
  • The CosiMo project: The research collaboration with resources and expertise of 13 partners drawn from research, academia, and industry
  • Helping molders better control their processes
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