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sensXPERT Deep Dive White Paper

Discover the Building Blocks of a Dynamic Process Control Solution


Discover the Building Blocks of a Dynamic Process Control Solution

Decreasing up to 50% of existing scrap, increasing up to 23% of energy savings, and reducing up to 30% of cycle times, sensXPERT Digital Mold is an advantageous process control solution for manufacturing processes in the plastics industry.

The sensXPERT Digital Mold solution has been designed and developed to integrate into numerous processes, such as reaction injection molding, resin transfer molding, compression molding, autoclave curing, and more. From the aviation and automotive industries to the construction and energy industries, sensXPERT’s solution combats industry challenges by tracking and optimizing existing processes.

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Table of Content snesXPERT Deep Dive White paper
What's the sensxpert deep dive white paper is about

What’s inside?

In this white paper, you will gain insights into the various components that make up sensXPERT Digital Mold. You will have access to the inner workings of the sensXPERT material characterization sensors, edge device, edge device interface, and digital Cloud service. Read on for a deep dive into sensXPERT’s cutting-edge technology.

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White Paper Contents:

sensXPERT Material Characterization Sensors

  • What is Material Characterization?
  • Sensor Technology
  • What Other Types of Sensor Technologies Are There?
  • How Do In-Mold Material Characterization Sensors Compare?
  • Deep Dive: sensXPERT Material Characterization Sensors

The sensXPERT Edge Device and Interface

  • What is an Edge Device?
  • sensXPERT Edge Device
  • sensXPERT Edge Device Interface
  • Ready for Industry 4.0 and Beyond
  • Software Increases Functionality
  • Benefits of the sensXPERT Edge Device and Interface

The sensXPERT Digital Cloud Service

  • What is Cloud Computing Technology
  • How Does Edge Computing Compare?
  • How Does sensXPERT Use Cloud Technology
  • Advantages of the sensXPERT Digital Cloud Service
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