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Polyimide (PI)

By sensXPERT

Polyimide (PI)

Polyimide (PI)

Polymer Type: Thermoset, Thermoplastic

Key Properties

  • Exceptional thermal stability (withstands extremely high temperatures, up to 400°C)
  • Superior mechanical strength and rigidity
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent electrical insulating properties
  • Low flammability


  • Aerospace: High-temperature aircraft components, rocket motor parts, spacecraft insulation.
  • Electronics: Printed circuit boards, flexible circuits, electrical connectors, transformer insulation.
  • Semiconductor industry: Photolithography masks, ion implantation windows, chip packaging materials.
  • Medical devices: Catheters, implants, sterilization pouches.
  • Industrial applications: High-temperature bearings, filters, seals, gaskets.

Additional Information

Polyimide (PI) is a family of high-performance polymers known for their exceptional thermal stability and remarkable properties. Its structure, featuring imide rings connected by aromatic groups, creates a rigid and thermally stable backbone. This structure allows PI to maintain its properties even under harsh conditions, making it ideal for demanding applications.

PI displays a combination of properties that sets it apart from other materials. Its exceptional thermal stability allows it to withstand extreme temperatures, making it suitable for applications like aircraft engines and spacecraft components. Its high mechanical strength and rigidity ensure dimensional stability and performance at elevated temperatures. Its outstanding chemical resistance allows it to withstand harsh chemicals often encountered in industrial settings and medical devices. And its excellent electrical properties make it valuable for electronics and semiconductor applications.

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