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Butyl Rubber (IIR)

By sensXPERT

Butyl Rubber (IIR)

Butyl Rubber (IIR)

Polymer Type: Elastomer

Key Properties

  • Excellent air impermeability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Damping properties
  • Electrical insulation


  • Inner tubes for tires and bicycle tires
  • Automotive hoses and seals
  • Electrical cables and insulation
  • Inflatable products

Additional Information

Butyl rubber, also known as IIR, is a versatile elastomer known for its exceptional air impermeability. This makes it the material of choice for inner tubes in tires and other inflatable products, as it retains air pressure over extended periods. Butyl rubber also offers good chemical resistance to many oils, solvents, and gases, making it suitable for various industrial applications.

Its inherent damping properties contribute to its use in vibration isolation applications and noise reduction components. Additionally, butyl rubber exhibits good electrical insulation properties, finding use in electrical cables and components. Moreover, its ozone resistance makes it suitable for outdoor applications exposed to sunlight and ozone. However, butyl rubber can be less flexible than some other elastomers and requires specific processing methods.

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