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Everything about our partnership with NETZSCH Industries

Industries we also work with


The auto industry is highly regulated, cost-sensitive, and requires high repeatability & reproducibility (R&R) for global platforms produced in high volumes. The industry is grappling with..


Parts for aviation/aerospace must withstand extremes of all kinds: temperatures, pressures, loadings. It’s no surprise that this market is highly regulated. Aerostructure parts require the highest..

Building & Construction

As the world’s largest industry, building & construction (B&C) is highly fragmented and regulated by countless codes that differ by geography. It’s traditionally slow to change, but is undergoing..

Electronics Encapsulation

Greater volumes of data are being pushed through wired and wireless devices at much higher speeds to support the Internet of Things (IoT), electric and autonomous vehicles..

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy (wind/solar) market is growing rapidly vs. conventional energy production thanks to significant cost decreases driven by new materials, better manufacturing efficiencies, lower waste..