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Conquering Material Deviations in Plastics Manufacturing: A Technical Guide 

What are material deviations, why are plastics processors challenged by them, and how can they be overcome in a manufacturing environment? Read our white paper for an in-depth guide into material deviations and a process control solution that combats them.


The plastics industry is also undergoing swift transformation triggered by technological advancements, Industry 4.0, shifting market demands, customer preference realignment, and a heightening focus on sustainable manufacturing.  

To keep up with the evolving dynamics of the plastics market, plastics manufacturers are zeroing in on and attempting to eliminate any production bottlenecks that deter their growth, competitiveness, and operational efficiency through automation, digitalization, and advanced process control techniques. 

Material behavior deviations during plastics processing is one example of a common production bottleneck. Accordingly, this white paper will dive into the challenge of material deviations and offer a comprehensive exploration of: 

  • Diverse Defects: Understand the various types of material defects that can arise, affecting everything from dimensional accuracy to mechanical properties and surface finishes. 
  • The Root Causes: We examine the factors that contribute to material behavior deviations, including raw material inconsistencies, storage and handling procedures, process parameter fluctuations, and even human error. 
  • Costly Consequences: Uncover the consequences of material deviations, encompassing their impact on product quality, scrap generation, rework expenses, production delays, and ultimately, brand reputation. 
  • Overcoming the Obstacles: Discover preventive measures and control strategies to mitigate the risks of material deviations. Our focus goes beyond standard approaches, highlighting the importance of a process control system with material characterization capabilities and predictive algorithms. 

What are Material Deviations? 

In the plastics manufacturing environment, achieving consistent quality hinges on rigorously controlling various parameters. However, even with the most stringent measures, imperfections sometimes arise and pose significant challenges.  

These imperfections are otherwise known as material deviations – unwanted variations in the properties or characteristics of the final product compared to its intended specifications.  

Conquering Material Deviations Title Page
Conquering Material Deviations Table of Contents
Conquering Materials Deviations Sample

What’s Inside?

  • What are Material Deviations?
  • Categorizing Deviations in Plastics Manufacturing
  • Exploring Different Types of Defects
  • Identifying the Root Causes of Material Deviations
  • Introducing a Process Control Solution to Combat Material Deviations
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