Industry 4.0 only needs two components

Reduce scrap and achieve highest equipment efficiency with innovative sensors and advanced machine learning.

Advanced analytics with machine learning

Material science

Material science builds the foundation of the machine learning algorithm. Together with data of your machines, optimal curing of the material is predicted.

State-of-the-art software

The cutting edge software dynamically adapts your production process and eliminates the need of costly quality control after production.


sensXPERT increases your production efficiency, minimizes scrap rates and enables you to run a more robust, reliable and reproducible plant.

sensXPERT Visual Material science
Move quality control into your mold

The following variables will be taken into account to ensure reliable, robust and reproducible component production.

  • Transport and storage
  • Climatic influences
  • Material impurities
  • Batch variance
See the bigger picture

Compare efficiency of different machines, processes and production plants equipped with the sensXPERT solution in customizable dashboards.

The cloud application allows access to all production data from everywhere in the world and on any device. We take the security of your product seriously.

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sensXPERT Visual Material science

Look inside your mold with innovative sensors

Integrated sensors

Sensors, integrated into the mold, make contact with the material during mold filling.

Real-time measurement

Materials characterisation occurs in-situ during the manufacturing process.

Intelligent hardware & software

Measured data is processed with the sensXPERT software creating valuable insight into your process. The innovative sensor is a development of NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing.

Robust sensor. Reliable production.

The sensor is easy to integrate into your mold - just like any other temperature or pressure sensor. Depending on your material and process, the sensor is reusable for several thousands of parts and components.